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Please optimize the game instead of bringing new features all the time (yes, they're nice but they aren't usable if the game is too laggy on a very good computer). As you enter the end phase of the game, it gets nearly unplayable, especially with trains running in a big loop and MK5 belts everywhere. Should I sell my 1500€+ rig to buy a 2500€ rig to play on acceptable FPS? You are limiting the players with mid performance rigs because they can't run the game smooth enough to get into the endphase.

So, please spend more time and money for optimizing the game ;-)

Kind regards, LxTM

For the guys interested in my rig:



-RTX 2070 Amp! Extreme OC

-game installed on SSD

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it's an early access.  while they have done things to improve the performance already, the focus for development is (always) to work on core functionality and features FIRST and work on optimizing at the last. Ar at least delay optimization to part of the functionality that are deemed "final".

As to the why this is so...  If you want to optimize, you first need to figure out which parts of the program are the bottleneck.  And it's difficult to figure that out if you haven't even implemented the majority of the features yet.

As to performance 'now'...  You don't HAVE to play on "ultra" everything.
Lowering the shadows and anti-aliassing a notch will do a lot for performance while being barely noticable in visuals.

I have a much lower computer spec, and the game runs 'fine' and very playable on my end, and I have huge factories.  Will be firing up my new 56/min Turbo Motor facility soon. laugh  Only thing kinda annoying me is the savegame load time (well over 2min) and the 5-10sec "quick" save

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Thanks for your answer :-) The problem is that I'm playing everything on the lowest settings and my pc is far away from being under load. Every component is under max. 50% usage....
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Is it the game finished ? NO !!

It is Early Access, BETA version !!

Wait till 2020 when the game is finished ! Then you can complain !!
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no need for capslock my friend. I know that it's not finished yet, but optimisazion is a part of game developing. It's just a wish of mine that the game will run better and smoother in near future.....
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Complaints about performance are still valid. I don't expect it to be the highest priority, but unless people complain about performance while it's still early access Coffee Stain can't be aware of the problem.
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By the way an i7-4790 is no where near "very good computer", in fact it's barely mid-range computer compared to the parts we have today. It's 5 years old today. The I7-4790 was originally released in may 2014.


Have a look at where it ranks vs the cheapest AMD Zen2 parts that just came out a few weeks ago.

And they have improved performance and optimized a lot of things in the recent patches. You can read through the most recent patch notes here, and go backwards with links at the bottom of the page: https://satisfactory.gamepedia.com/Patch_0.2.1.3

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I can only say it twice (look at the comment I wrote to the last answer by ScienceGuy....
The CPU is far far away from bottlenecking....
I won't buy a i9-9900k because it'll perform better under 50% usage (because 50% usage of my CPU is less than 25% usage on the i9). First, the game should load my CPU to 100%.
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Just because your CPU isn't maxed out at 100% all the time doesn't mean it isn't still being overloaded. You may be single-core bound and not limited overall. Look at task manager and switch it from overall view to where you can view the individual cpu cores and threads. You may find 1 core is being overloaded to 100% while the others aren't loaded much. You're probably being single-core limited with that CPU.

I happen to have a CPU older than yours and not even an i7, just a 3570K but overclocked @ 5.0 Ghz and a 1080 Ti and I can easily maintain 60-80 FPS at all times everywhere in Satisfactory even on the highest possible maximum graphics settings at 1080p, even in the middle of my factory with all the machines going. This wasn't possible last month. I used to be jerky, laggy and having hard pauses/stalls in Satisfactory, but now it's nice and smooth for me, other than autosaves.

The game is a lot better and runs perfectly fine now, if we have a fast enough CPU/System. If you do have an "I7-4790" and not "4790K" then the 4790 non-K chip is a locked chip that can't be overclocked and runs at only 3.8 Ghz max.
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Thank you but I'm not a beginner in pc things. Yes, the non-K is a locked chip but you can overclock it by the base clock mulitplier, and none of the cores is under full load. They are staying at about 40 to 60 percent.... one might be used slightly more but there's no big difference.
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