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I'd heard about the idea to add the use of fluids to the game, so I thought it would be useful to add hydroelectric power stations too. (you could place them near waterfalls or near rivers)
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In the game Anno they introduced special unique monumental-buildings which costs huge huge amounts of materials and are build in multiple stages at specific locations. I could imagine a gigantic dam with hydroelectric generators at the southern waterfalls. The terrain seems ideal for something like that. And our task could be to provide the materials for the build.
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I don't see how pipes or fluids have to do with the idea of mega projects and hydroelectric damns. I believe there should be more terrain dependent builds. hydroelectric damns. natural gas wells,bigger mining and oil drilling platforms could be potential building solutions as well.. I also believe a straight quarry and strip mines should be  possible mega buildings as well. Frankly my factory overproduces by an astronomical amount and have some larger goals would be cool. The endgame is currently non-existent and needs some sort of goals.

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Devs have confirmed , there won't be any pipes or fluids !
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For now. A lot of things changed since first EA release. They for example never thought the game would be this well accepted even in this early stage. So we'll see what the future holds.
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