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Everyime you load a world, you spawn as a new player at the hub, losing all of your items. Your old player is left standing in the same spot the game was saved in. This endlessly repeats itself leaving multiple copies of yourself standing around the map.
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Well, confirms that this isn't a Linux-specific bug, at least. Cheers. Hope this gets fixed so one can enjoy playing offline without dopplegangers.

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As a work around for the time being, you can kill your extra copies to remove them and then loot their crate to get the supplies back. That's what I had to do when I was playing offline while on the go.
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No not "Every time". You aren't on the internet when you're starting. You need to be online before starting the game and this won't happen. For me and other players this never happens. And certainly does not happen every single time we start the game.
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