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While the ideal solution is of course to give them AI and the ability to actually choose their own pathing... that's a lot of work will probably honestly never end up with the same kind of scenic paths that they currently take.

As a solid alternative, it should be possible to create diverging/converging paths for rays and to simply mark paths that rays have determined result in collisions as no-longer usable. Would mean rays would simply re-route whenever we get in their paths.

Less resource intensive than full AI pathing, still allows the manual creation of beautiful scenic views, manta rays still avoid those asshole humans that keep building stuff in their way.
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This could be interesting, but then what would we do with that massive hole in our factory, I like seeing Jerry every so often.
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Make sure the hole is large enough to accompany the pathing checks for Jerry and he'll continue to stop by from time to time. Along with potentially Betty, Joe, and Martha.
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