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I am experiencing issues with mam research. when i research anything and close+open the mam window the research disappears and i cant research anything else, but if i look at the whole timer i can complete the research.

se images. imgur.com

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I am experiencing some difficulties with the MAM too!
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Have encountered this bug also, leading to several 20+ minute rollbacks for me and my friends.
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The research I started before the update is gone
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I am experiencing this bug also but you do not need to keep looking at it for the research to complete. Once the timer is up the research will complete as per usual but you will have no cues to know when it is done other than going and checking it manually. This is at least in single player i do not know about multiplayer
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+1 It also happens to me but I figured out it's only a "visual bug". The research is happening but there's no visual account for it, no timer nor icon, makes the impression the M.A.M. is broken. But just wait and eventually the research will complete.
It started with the 10x supercomputer research unlocked caterium electronics and is happening with all Hard Drives, I got 8 HD in a roll in a long expedition and all bugged out but all completed.

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Patch Notes: Early Access - v0.2.1.7 - Build 102599

BUG FIXES • Research time in the MAM should display correctly again • Researched resource mesh should be displayed in the MAM again

Issue solved

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A video of the issue.

M.A.M Research bug.

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I also had this happen, though I did not reload. I checked back after 10 minutes and my hard drive finished and I could choose an alternate recipe, though closing and reopening it made me chose the recipe again, then I was good. This this for 4 hard drives unlocking the remainder of the recipes.
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