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I used this site to have a map overview of my buildings, tracks, collectibles etc:


I think this is an official Caffee Stain website. (?)

Now when I d&d my last saves it shows only the resources, but indicated all as 'not found'.

Also tracks, buildings, belts, walkways can not be seen any more.

Sad, because this was a very useful possibility to track and keep a record of what has been collected, built etc. and the statistics were also at hand.

Is this because of a new data structure in save files?  

Is there a chance that all the info from the "optimized" saves would be shown again?


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The twitter and discord links on that page go to EDSM. Perhaps you should contact them about their website issues
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works perfectly for me

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Why are you reporting this here? This is -NOT- an official website run by the Coffee Stain Staff. This is some random 3rd party website maintained by some individual. Go bother them about it.
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Fine guys, you do not have to add more down votes, perfectly understood your "helping intention", or whatever that would be.

Anyway I began with "I think this is an official Caffee Stain website. (?)", with a question mark, indicating that I'd be more happy with constructive suggestions/help rather than destructive down votes.

But if you feel like adding more, just feel free, if you think it helps for others know that this was a mistakenly entered ticket.

And at last but not at least, BIG thank you for those who really tried to help! :) 

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