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My Epic Game Launcher (just reinstalled) will not update from 2.1.1 to 2.1.5.  I've stop and started it, rebooted Win10, not playing Experimental...  I think I've covered all the obvious bases and STILL - no update.  Even sent an email to Epic (which I'm sure will never be answered).   

Any other tricks I can do to get the @#@@$!! 2.1.5 update?
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I understand what you are talking about "Patch Notes: Early Access - v0.2.1.1 - build 101829" correct.    Thats all I have as well. I think Epic is abit slow to fix things, just wait abit longer

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Why you asking here ?!

This is suggestion forum for Game of Satisfactory !

You have problem with Epic launcher, Contact Epic Support !!
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Because I DID contact Epic and they DID NOT respond.  I was HOPING there might be somebody here who has experienced the same issue and had some ideas....  Was not looking to be spanked for asking on the wrong forum.  DUDE!
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My Epic launcher was on version 10.3.2, I think, when I checked in settings. Where does the 2.1.x come from?
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Ah - some possible useful info!  I seem to have EGL 10.3.1   Will siee if i can get a later version.
I have Satisfactory 2.1.1 and am trying to get 2.1.5 to install.  THANKS!
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Bummer - it looks like the EGL is version 10.3.1 - and I still can't get the update to d/l.
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Current satisfactory build is 102835. I have no idea what 2.1.x is in reference to, but it is not the launcher or the game this forum is for.
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Go ask Epic for help. No one here can help you. This has nothing what so ever to do with Satisfactory game.
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