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We've been finding that trains so fundamentally change things, for the better, that we wish they had been available earlier in the game when base layout was still in infant stages.

One thought, and I promised I'd pass it on, would be to move trains to tier 4 using a fueled locomotive, and then the electric locomotive could come in tier 6 as it is now.  This would, of course, require changes to the recipes for the train station buildings and the freight yard as well as the addition of a fuel inlet for the train station.  A Mk2 Freight Yard could be an option, which is the current one, whereas a new Mk1 would have only one inlet/outlet and a smaller capacity (maybe 24 or 32).  Fuel reserves in the locomotive would need to be large enough to be usable as you might even be legitimately running the train on coal.

One balance possibility would be to limit the number of cars in a fueled train to, say, three or four, and not allow the train to go backwards, requiring at minimum a loop to turn it around.
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love the idea ... maybe make trains have 3 tiers  available  when certain power plants are available .. such as  have a coal burner when coal is available ...  fuel when fuel... and electric when nuke power is available..  would be cool to have a couple different ones available ....  I  just read the rest of your post basically saying the same thing as i just spent time writing lol

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I kind of like this concept... but I also like the *concept* of the existing vehicles and this would effectively eliminate them. I'd really like to see the existing vehicles moved earlier than they already are (so they're available by the time you really want to start doing outposts) and that they get fixed/improved.
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The big difference between vehicles and trains at that tier is that with vehicles, you don't have to build out the rails, train platforms, etc.   There's a place for both at that tier, and one doesn't preclude the other.
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