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I like to play with the newest version of the game, though it might be bugged (in new Experimental releases), but now I realised that the normal EA version is actually quite a few numbers/builds in front of the Experimental build.

I assume there's no point in updating the Experimental build when everything is running "smoothly" and only "minor" changes and improvements are made, but it would be beneficial to have a hint that the experimental build is no longer in front when starting it - probably a check against the EA build version and a message that EA is the higher version currrenty would be nice...

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Just look in to version of the installed game and you will know.
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They release the experimental for new patch development. Once they get most of the bugs worked out, they move it to the main EA branch, and the exp dies for a time; until they have new content ready to experiment on.
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If you follow any of the developer blogs or news articles you'll know pretty soon.
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Just look in to version of the installed game and you will know !!
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Never noticed the grey version number in the settings dropdown - that's an appropriate answer, because it's an easy solution (instead of looking for new blogposts/articles and scan them for version numbers...)!
Feel free to move it to an answer instead of a comment and i'll mark it solved.
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If you read the patch notes on reddit or discord, it's pretty easy to tell.
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I still think the point is valid i did not know this till i found this post
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