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I've been at tiers 4-6 for a while now and often don't hold the most basic resources (iron ingots, plates, rods) in my inventory when I go exploring and thus cannot craft a work bench while exploring.

 I think it would be cool to see a unlockable very basic work bench for the player in the inventory (e.g. only able to craft Tier 0 items ingots and basic resources) to be unlockable around tiers 4-6 for example.
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only if it takes around 100 times longer to make it fair
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Having it take longer to craft would be fine and makes sense, also as I said it would only be available at a higher tier when the automation take a lot longer and the player spends more time exploring to pass the time. it would also be limited to iron, copper and concrete(limestone), so only the very basic resources(tier 0).
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I for one think any manual crafting should be more expensive. Like 3x the cost to make something at a crafting bench, could be 5x in an inventory crafting bench. This will increase time for craft and time gather the resources needed, and encourage players to automate everything they possibly can
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That's a good idea in my opinion, although I think the actual crafting bench should only be 2x not 3x cost. Inventory crafting though, yeah something in the region of 3x-5x the cost to craft sound alright, but once again the inventory crafting, at least its first stage, should only be tier0 items. then possibly have an upgrade for it to unlock more items to craft again with the increased cost to craft. for example at tier5 or 6, just like unlocking some thing like the oil processing or any other tech, you could unlock the basic inventory crafting(tier0 items), then at say tiers 8 or 9 unlock an upgrade to advance inventory crafting.

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Given that a price of a single crafting table is 3 iron plates and 3 iron rods, and as low as one stack of each doesn't take that much space, I think that this is pretty much redundant.
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