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What if somebody would add an Alloying Machine to Satisfactory? It would have two inputs and one output, and it would melt two ingots of different metal to two alloyed ingots. New Metals could be implemented too.

There could be materials like:
-Tin Ingot (made of Tin Ore)

-Silver Ingot (made of Silver Ore)

-Lead Ingot (made of Lead Ore)

-Bronze Ingot (Tin Ingot + Copper Ingot)
   for better tools and weapons

-Electrium Ingot (Silver Ingot + Caterium Ingot)
   for better cables

-Solder (Lead Ingot + Tin Ingot)
   for Solder Wire, for Soldering
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as many others have stated, we already have the foundry that does exactly what you described.
I do like all the other ore types though. I would like to see them add more ore types  in general:)

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You describe the foundry precisely. Two in ie coal and iron ore (or iron ingots for the alternate) and one out. (It's also done in a constructor - Caterium ingot plus copper ingot for alternate quickwire, Aluminum and copper ingots for Al clad sheets.)
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Exactly ;) foundry is already in the Game.

However the Alternate caterium , alclad sheets and so on, should also be done in the foundry in my opinion. Cheers
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Already done. It's called a smelter. At least 3 recipes in place for it already. I'm sure ther will be more as more tiers are put in place.
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Smelter is for the regular stuff.
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oops  lol oh, Foundry  ;)
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add zinc and brass
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