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It would be nice to have the ability connect a station on a curve so that we can have a freight car load/unload on 90 degree turns.  I understand that the 3x3 foundation requirement of the 90 degree turn is not an exact number of cars fitting so it will like require a larger turn to fit an even number of cars but I think that would be worth it to allow for train stations of long trains to fit within an area that is not necessarily conducive to long straight unobstructed runs.
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I'd rather see a smaller station than a larger one :)
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It's more than remotely possible to do that with what is in the game. Cargo platforms dont have to be exact exact to function. Park the train at the station, and see where the platform needs to be located, then move cars and build it. Working out routes and placement is sorta what this game is about.
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I feel like a fool for not having pretested it but I was with the understanding that freight stations had to be directly connected (either through other freight stations, empty stations, or train stations) in order to work.  Is that not the case and has this been tested?
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