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ok doing some semi scientific testing with 1 crash site, and 1 nut tree(or bush?)  both in walking distance of my main base..

I found that I can detect the Nut from 29+ foundations away.. with single beep becoming faster beeps as I get closer to said nut..

However.. the Crash-sites.. the detector does not even go off past 12 foundations (though it does beep at 11 possibly..

I feel that  players should be able to detect crash sites further away then 12 foundations.. cause at 12 foundations or less your probably being attacked by enemies that guard it anyway - or that seems to have been my experience when out exploring for crash sites for HDDs.
I also think it should only detect when crash-site has HDD still - figure if we have found it and opened it, we would have disabled its emergency beacon/locator so as not to confuse it with other sites..
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I hadn't realized crash site scan range was less than other items; but I did know the scan range is completely useless for finding crash sites. (Maybe somewhat useful for finding the pod once you have located the wreckage and the pod is hidden.) Scan range for crash sites really needs to be quite a bit longer.
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Maybe instead of it being a crash site detector, it could be a HD detector. This would solve the problem of it still detecting a crash site that had already been answered.
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