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add diamond ore to the game.the diamond will very tough and strong so, with a mk3 miner on pure diamond, u will be able to mine  60 diamonds a minute,so, on impure diamond with mk1 miner, u will be able to mine 2.5 diamonds a minute.Diamonds will be used for mk4 miners and other very strong things.There will be 4 pure, 6 normal, and 9 impure diamond nodes all around the map.(not in the same place like uranium).Also, add other planets where you can go and build factories on,and of course add spaceships.Diamonds will be available at tier 10, space stations at tier 11.

P.S. other planets will also have different ores and differrent amounst of them
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Regarding other planets and spaceships  sounds more like "Satisfactory 2"

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Devs say it clearly, there won't be any space travel to other planets.
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Hopefully when mod support is added we can get custom maps
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