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I only setup one train and I need like 10 trains. The issue is getting track to go straight and not curve all the time. It looks real messed up. Track Poles would help a lot. I wanted to make room for a train to go all the way a round my main base. That's too many foundations I would have to lay. With the cliffs and rock formations and the valley's, Just to make an area for a route for trains and some trucks. The platforms would have to be 3 or 4 foundations wide. I still think the trains are way too big.

anyone have any comments or ideas on any of this, You can all so contact me on discord.

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I'm afraid you have to use foundations if you want to organize your tracks (like everything else), mainly that's why people are asking for easier and faster ways to place those in the first place. But I guess this doesn't exclude a "keep this straight" option while placing tracks or having dedicated pillars
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It takes time, but my tracks are straight where I want them straight, and nice, graceful curves where I want/need them curved. I'm using "gates" from the wall category to make supports I can live with. I also place a station anywhere I place a switch to assure my trains make it thru the switch unbroken. Doingit nice means building some extra stuff, and tearing it back down. I consider it scaffolding, and have never seen much of anything built without using that in some way. Get creative.
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Could always build the foundations, build the tracks, then remove the foundations for now. It will be very tedious, but that's what this game is about to get a beautiful end result.
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OK, Some thing about gates. Do you have a screen shot of what your doing. I never heard of it.
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@iceman11a,   Yeah, it's not ideal, but looks cleaner than anything else I have tried.


Even on curves and such, I place a tower of foundations and add enough to drop a short piece of rail, for direction. Once I am satisfied with the rail path, I build a gate on top, then add them downward. Remove the top gate and all the foundations after, and move to the next "track is too long" point For straight runs, I just drop 12 foundations, track, and remove the concrete.

*edit*  Oh, that short piece of rail at the destination point is vital to making the rail behave the way you want, in my experience. Just delete it after you lay the main line.
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