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I don't usually use ladders but I tried going up the ladder on the freight platform and noticed that it would only work until I got about half way up then I'd fall through.
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I've been using these ladders quite a lot and not had any problems.
That said, however, I just loaded my game and did a couple of tests:
If you climb the ladder while looking upwards, then you will effectively dismount the ladder at the top of the freight container.
If you climb the ladder SLOWLY, then you will effectively dismount the ladder at the top of the freight container.
If you climb the ladder while holding the W key (or whatever you've remapped it too I assume) then you get to the top of the ladder - but there is a little "glitch" at the aforementioned point.

Also, while climbing, the ladder disappears for a short period which coincides with the top of the freight container.  After the "glitch" while climbing, the ladder can be seen again.

No idea why this analytical answer confirming and expounding on the reported problem has been given a downvote!
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I have also been having this issue, it's ok at the top and bottom where there is something behind the ladder.
But in the middle you can climb through and fall out the other side.
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I have the same problem. Never noticed before reading this post. Think it's the first time I try to scale the platform.
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Same issue, attempting to climb freight platform ladder adjacent to i/o of containers is near impossible. Mounting the ladder requires a running jump, just walking up doesn't work. pass through the ladders just above the container.

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And here is the video https://imgur.com/a/2AjFbvL
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