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@Jezuz8000 posted something similar here but I need to expand on the thought.

I have a rail network with more than one train and eight train stations on it. To be anywhere close to efficient, multiple trains need to stop at the same station. The problem arises when Train1 has an item from another station already loaded in a freight car, stops at another station with a different item at the same position. The contents of the freight car then become a mess of both items. The same issue exists with unloading.

What I'd propose is to add some intelligence to the configure menu of the freight platform. Currently, all we can do is flip the load/unload switch. I'd like to see some additional options on that configure menu.

I'd like to see the freight platforms offer a way to first select an existing train on my network. Then have three options I can choose from for the freight platform to perform for that specific train, LOAD / UNLOAD / IGNORE

Then, when Train1 that has coal in its first freight car stops at Station2 to pick up sulfur from freight platform 2 it will be okay because I set freight platform 1 to IGNORE Train1.


Another good use: I could have a freight platform that has fuel loaded into it from a nearby oil refining facility that could act a fuel source for truck stations all around the map. I could simply set that freight platform to IGNORE on all trains that didn't have a need to carry fuel. 

 A less desirable option would be to give us the train equivalent of an empty platform. If we had a "dead car" we could hook that up to our trains at the right position and it would work just like the empty platform does for the train station.

The possibilities go on and on. Give us a smart(er) freight platform Coffee Stain. Thanks!


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The intelligence on freight platforms must be supplied by the user

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The whole point is that th order of the freight cars matter.  

If you need a safety on your unloads... add a smart splitter to only pass through the correct stuff and send the rest into a "mistake" bin.  You will need to manually sort out the mistakes though.
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Or. A convoluted auto-sorter
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I'm not looking for a hack, I'm looking for functionality.
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I think a sollution could be, if you add a filter for cargo car and station. 


- Train 1: [Loco][Coal][Iron Ore] (Set Filters for car 1 and car 2 are Coal and Iron Ore)

- Train 1 goes to a Coal Mining operation station that has 6 (any number) Plattforms with Coal each.

- Train 1 loads coal to Car 1 and ignores Car 2 since the filter missmatchs

- Train 1 goes to Iron Mining Operation station and with 6 Plattforms and loads Iron in the second Car.

- Train 1 goes to Steel Works Complex Station A that accepts Iron Ore only

- Train 1 goes to Steel Works Complex Station B that accepts Coal only

Since the Freight Plattform already has 2 inputs and 2 outputs, there could be an option to split the Storage into to and allow different Filters for the lower and the upper Storage, same goes for Cargo Car. So in this case a single cargo car can have 50% of max storage as Coal and 50% of max Storage as Iron Ore.

In the current state of the station, you are pretty limited with trains and plattforms and most time you need a separate station for each train that has a different loadout. 

I hope you understand my meaning of this.

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