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Making manual crafting cost 2-3x more (for things that can be automated) will reinforce the need to automate everything.

Alternatively you could keep the cost the same but add a high failure mechanic (50-66%).
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To all the manual crafters that hate this, make me a pencil by hand IRL using exactly the amount of materials a pencil contains. Doing things by hand in real life requires more materials than it does to automate them. I don't understand the hate for this. Do you not like actually working to get far in a game? If not, why play?

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It will only delay the early game and handcrafting is already annoying, there is no need to get this more annoying, if you have to mine 600 Iron Ore to get 100 Iron Plates for the first few milestones/HUB Upgrades.
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I disagree, but then again I like playing Gregtech in minecraft, and am looking forward to similar mods for Satisfactory

Also that's how it works in Fortresscraft Evolved another logistics game where it's 2x more expensive to craft my hand. Sure it's annoying, but that's the point! In satisfactory the unlocks are cheap enough for the first 6 stages it's easier to hand craft to unlock something then to set up automation. Only when you thing ahead to the next thing does it make more sense to spend that time hand crafting to set up automation instead.
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