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I would like the ability to upgrade some stats for vehicles, like better fuel efficiency, performance on slopes, speed, hp etc. This could either be a tech upgrade or perhaps a modular upgrade of some kind.
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Thanks, I'll look at this one - I had not seen it in the search.

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This is not racing game, or any car mehanic !
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I think that "more efficient fuel" items like Fuel (duh), Turbo Fuel and Batteries (so far) equals to the "better fuel efficiency" vehicle you mentioned which is already the route adopted by devs on this matter. Beside this, looks like we unlock more "Types" of vehicle (trains recently) instead focusing toward improve or upgrade those already on our reach (once unlocked in lower tiers).

On this regard I would just have faster trains (I do not mean maximum speed) and more reliable trucks... waiting for what they might add next
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I would like a vehicle with small inventory like the explorer but  as fast as the truck.
However, it shouldn't sink in water (amphibious vehicle)
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I specifically mentioned fuel because I haven't noticed any change in fuel efficiency so far across biomass, biofuel, coal, fuel. Maybe it's just me but I'm not doing massive amounts of travel, I just feel like a stack only goes so far and I'd prefer if it were better. I'm still using the basic tractor, so perhaps the better vehicles improve on this.
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Coal is better than biofuel because you can mine it, I don't know how efficient it is, but only biomass stack 200, whereas everything else only stack 100 apart from leaves (500) or mycelia (200 iirc)

Fuel is much more efficient than biomass or coal. You can also unlock turbo fuel and batteries which is even more efficient than regular fuel.
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