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I think there should be an alternate recipe for fabric to make it manufacturable.  Or at the very least, make a fabric recipe that doesn't require mycelia.  It is super tedious to trudge over to harvest mycelia by hand to make filters.
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Well, tedious harvest or not, the actual thing is that Mycelia is a LIMITED resource (use it wisely)
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The current recipe can be manufactured. Just chainsaw a bunch of the several kinds of plants that give mycelia. Throw the whole lot of stuff you get from doing so into a storage box, run through a couple smart splitters into more boxes (leaves, wood, mycelia, other) then run the leaves and wood through constructors to turn them into biomass. Finally run the biomass and mycelia through an assembler to make fabric. Add one ordinary slitter and another constructor and you also get a side order of more biofuel for the chainsaw.
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I'm not convinced it's limited.
I had cleared out most of the south east crater quite a while ago... Then when I went back there with the last patch because I needed a train going through it, I noticed that large section sof it had regrown.

Even if that's a fluke...  There's a HUGE amount of mycelia justy in that single biome.  I don't see how you will reallistically run out of the stuff, unless you started throwing it away or using it for biomass.
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Instead of add an e.g. Oil-based Alternate for Fabric, why not just add a hole Greenhouse to the game, so that players can grow all plants and fungus they want to.

EDIT: Maybe in two versions, one mid-game player-operated and one end-game version fully automated including output and possibly input belts. Might also be an opportunity to introduce glas (made out of silica), maybe sand and water a lot of extension possibilities here for new production chains.
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Greenhouse or other means to grow plants has been asked and it's pretty much not going to happen.

An oil to fabric path would make most sense  (i.e. nylon, polyester, spandex, ....)
As would silica to fabric (fiber glass) and
Coal to fabric (carbon fibers)

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Yes, its a pain, but I have managed to get 2000+ mycelia, from a single cave. So its not impossible to get in large amounts, just need to spend some time with the chainsaw (not every mycelia can be hand picked).
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Yeah, you can get a lot of mycelia from the little glowy caves. Unfortunately, you  need to pick them one at a time, but I have loads now.
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don't pick up singles... Use the chainsaw.  It has aoe effect and clears all the plants around you.
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Still hope Tier8 will include an Alternate Recipe for Fabric (even if it is massively punishing in terms of production rate or crafting requirements)
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Just because you can pick it up by hand doesn't really answer the question. In a game about automation, having to "pick something up by hand" feels like an anti-pattern.
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