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Most of the short conveyor belt links work easy enough, it is only when the objects overlap each other than short links become a problem. I noticed that if you put a splitter/merger overlapping a structure then it becomes difficult to attach the belt because the snap-to connect prioritizes the overlapped structure so that it cannot see the splitter/merger.

To fix this you can prioritize the splitter/merger and then allow for a bigger snap-to area deeper into the structure.  Alternately, you can make is so that after attaching a belt to anything at all, it automatically disables all attempts to connect to that same structure again.  Those are the easiest fixes I can think of for the problem that has plagued us for awhile.  I am too frustrated from spending 20 minutes trying to connect a single belt because it wont recognize the location on the splitter/merger.
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been there, done that. Frustrating to set out 3 groups of 4 machines, to be center fed. First two sets the splitters connect to the main splitter fine. Last set, one side hooks right up, and 30 minutes later I tear the whole thing down and put extra space in because the last connector belt just would not turn blue.
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If you stand on the splitter/merger and look from what you are standing on up towards the machine and listen for the second beeping sound of the belt connecting and select at that point and then point back down to the unit you are on and connect.

That makes it fairly easy to make those very close connections

Edit: After further testing what i said does not apply to the constructors but it works for the smelter, foundry, assembler, and manufacturer. I have not tested on any of the other machines yet.

To get the belt connection to work well with the constructor stand on the far side of the splitter looking level at the constructor and then move the mouse down until you hear the beeping sound of the belt snapping and then hop off to the side and make the connection to the splitter. It is a bit more finicky but it makes it fairly easy for those tight connections
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I will try that as a temporary measure. Thanks
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