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First of all, as the belts get faster the lag get worse.  In order to avoid disastrous problems with tier 6+ belts, might I suggest an alternative. Theoretically, you can only increase the belt speed so much before you start throwing items off the belt, so lets change it up.  At higher tiers, use matter stream converters.  The concept is to break down the matter into a matter stream that can be transported at super speeds.

The first item would be the 'pipeline' and this would be a bulky structure similar to the train rails.  This can have a triangular cross section with a means of power transmission in the center, and it would need to use some amount of that power.  You can create multiple tiers of this structure with 3 streams, or 6, or 9.  This can be used as an alternative to trains as a faster long distance supply line.

The next item to implement here would be the Matter Converter.  This would be the item that breaks matter down into particles via Variable Resonant Frequencies.   

Lastly, you have the Matter Constructor. This allows you to extract the matter stream and reconstruct the objects with the use of quantum computers.

This is an idea I have had stewing in my mind and would love others ideas on how this could be developed. I thought that the use of the orbs or Super S might be an interesting item to use as a material for the constructor/converters. That would require us to be more strategic in the placement of such a supply line due to the limited resource. Which would justify the high speed transportation, or even near instantaneous.
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I don't think that the belt speed is the cause of the lag, rather it is coincidental with everything else growing as well. The amount of models being rendered doesn't change as the belts speed up. I like the idea, but I don't think it is the cause of lag. Besides, I want to use mk8 conveyor belts to launch me across the map with one jetpack tank :)
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