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After 10 hours, give or take of building & connecting 900 storage containers, I'd have to say that it would be much easier if we could connect containers directly to each other without using conveyor belts, especially when placing them on foundations. This would remove tons of belts from the game that aren't really necessary and we would probably notice a performance increase.

I'm dreading the day I have to upgrade all these belts between the containers to the Mk.5 belts. crying

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Don't forget the CSS' cauldron still boils with unreleased juices (https://satisfactory.gamepedia.com/Remote_Storage)
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I think that is only for crafting? I didn't see a way to take items out of it even if it was working.
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Well, I quote "Strange Alien Tech that allows you to use resources within this storage from anywhere." and it presents itslef with just an input belt hook on the front, is there a version with an output? Who knows... still, I'm thrilled
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Someone posted a video of it on Youtube being used. You can hook a belt to it and it will give you one slot of items. So you can essentially have unlimited nobelisks or ammo when exploring. Or unlimited concrete to build your way wherever you want.
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You mean this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMdfxuODwto&t=6s
The Remote storage is not available in game yet. I was able to unlock it in old game version , but since devs have blocked removed ability to unlock some unfinished future content

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Nice suggestion but... why 900 storages?
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...'till he finds out endgame is gonna be all about sulphur and he must start over... (beware of flying screens over there)
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Last time I checked, there was over 25 recipes that require Steel Pipe. I'd have to say it's probably one of the most used ingredients. Just to building and connecting just one of these storage container costs 111 pipe (90 to create 15 Encased Industrial Beam + 15 pipe for container, 6 more for 1 encased for the connection) multiplied by 900.

That's grand total of 99,900 Steel Pipe. It sure adds up really quickly before you know it.
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It seems like a lot of pipe but it's amazing how fast you can go through it especially now that I've unlocked the Mk. 5 conveyor belt. I should be able to burn through that in no time. :D
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Ah, I don't mind restarting all over again. I am up to six new games now because it just gets to a point where it's just about unplayable (low fps).
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They put out updates with quite an impressive rate so, fingers crossed.
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While this container farm is impressive. I don't really see a reason for this.

If your production of Steel Pipes is the bottleneck. Just increase the production instead of Making insane huge buffer.
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I do. I've got 10 lines pumping 450 item per minute. So it won't take long before this container farm is full then I'll be switch it produce Steel Beam.
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