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So I have a powered loop for trains. However the freight stations are not working. Won’t fill with any resources. Not using a conveyor pole before the connection either. Everything is powered. Tried what others have said in other posts and still having issues. Please help
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Check the settings to load/unload again.

Then it should work.
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Okay I’ve checked both stations and each is set to correct load and unload options. Still not accepting conveyor in. If I manually place items in freight station and conveyor them to come out then that works. But the trains won’t load anything as well as the freight stations themselves. Does it matter which way the fright/normal train station go? Should it go through one before the other?
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Fixed it. Train station wasn’t right.
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Is it one freight station per freight car?
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Yep, 1 station for each freight care (empty slots in between to manage the cargo if needed)
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