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Found this shape in the sky around the middle West area. What is it?


Found it near here:

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Are you on the lowest graphics, or highest graphics settings?
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Reminds me of foliage when seen from below ground. Ground becomes transparent. Foliage does not.
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These reports only work if you use the ingame reporting method or include the coordinationas where the issue is visible.

We have floating rocks, plants and grass in various locations thanks to an imperfect tool being used to clutter the world
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Sorry, while I marked it bug, I expected to be told that it was somebody's logo. I didn't know there was an in-game reporting tool, but I just found it and submitted it there.

I'm on Ultra graphics, with a 4k screen. I was standing on a radar tower on the highest mesa to the west of the easy starting area near the left edge of the map, with the radar tower near coordinates X=-150151.84, Y=293028.72, Z=18869.36, R=154.50

By the way, when I went back, the shape was different from the image above, so I guess since it's changing it must be bug related and not a logo.
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