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add a combat practicing mode.When you join, you will select which weapons you want and which enemy you want to fight and how much time will it take it to spawn again(you can select multiple enemies).Then, you will select an arena.It will be different types of caves, like uranium, normal, or dark ones, red wood forest, that biome that has lots of spiders(in combat practicing mode it will have the mobs you selected, not spiders), etc etc etc.Some of hte weapons will be: jetpack, xeno basher, xeno zapper, rifle mk1, rifle mk2, rifle mk3, rifle mk4(i dont know if mk 3 and 4 rifles exist) nobelisks, medicinal inhealers, you know. add it bc it would be cool.done.
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Any particular reason for wanting to practice? The enemies really aren't hard at all.
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I don't mind the suggestion, but it seems unlikely to get much attention as combat is an extremely small part of this game.
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