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- ability to manually change normal waypoint node to "WaitTime"

Really irritating to not be able to switch those., one too fast move, and whole trip to delete. Makes its really funny with drops to 5fps ;)

- ability to manually move waypoints, at least a little and change their direction

- even simplest inventory metter - % of empty cargo space or something like that - simplest one but visible while driving.

- for now maybe lower a simulation distance - will make them much more dependable.


Not a QoL - content

Huge problem with vehicles, is that they need to be refueled at one of the cargo stations.

Even if we want to make one of them a gas station, it will still need another truck station to supply (or belt, or smth, not important) - otherwise we will make a HUGE mess with loaded/unloaded products (we have to supply fuel only).

Maybe time to add fuel only stations?

Like a modular, detachable part of truck station - that fuel part could be changed for additional input/output for station. (buff)

And upgraded fuel tank, will become separated fuel station, that will accept only fuel type items (no mix), at really slow rate, from very close distance. And now we could build a fueling network without using huge full sized truck stations - only new class - tanker (that could also be amazing with moving crude oil... and somehow batteries (best fuel) are not liquid... welll ... )

Ok - That waypoint change would be awesome - vehicles needs a buff.

And at end, allow me to dream a little - Behemot class transporter - 4 times size of Truck, barely can move, barely can fit anywhere, gives a lot of fun :D
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i dont see the issue with fueling tbh. otherwise good ideas
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