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In Factorio all the track between a signal and the next signal is considered an area, if no train is there: continue, if a train is there: wait until it is not there then continue, like real signals. Gates and doors would me great, gates being the larger doors for: explorer, tractor, truck, and train. The doors and gates could slide down into the ground for vehicle(s) or the player(s).

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"real signals" are a tad more complex than that, :)
They've said they are working on signals - I am sure that whatever they come up with will be satisfactory :D

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Go play the dam FACKTORIO !!

This is Satisfactory ! Does not have be the same !!
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I know this is Satisfactory not Factorio, they both have factor in the name. Satisfactory is not the same its 3D vs 2D Factorio. Just because someone did something doesn't mean you can't take ideas from it. If that was how things worked, there would be nothing new, like Satisfactory.
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How about let devs use own innovation, and not copy stuff witch is already been made ?!
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I witness there is a large portion of players referring constantly to the Factorio game.
From one perspective this is perfectly understandable both for logic and emotional attachment; BUT it is getting somewhat frustrating as we can see harsher and harsher responds to these suggestions orientation.
Keep in mind they are not porting or merging other games into one. This is Satisfactory and we should consider the Dev's pov : are they going to be pissed by this "behavior"?
They are going to find their way to give us an experience in their UNIQUE way with the exciting possibility to maybe have a little personal footprint here and there thanks to this Q&A.
I'm just sorry. Keep up the good work.
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signals for trains not an invention from factorio .. its needed for proper train network with more then 1 train.
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