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So I was "trying" to do the Math on exactly how much resource was needed to build a "Turbo Motor"

If I calculated correctly, you need to mine the following amount of Ore (per minute):

385Iron Ore
630Crude Oil
250Copper Ore
255Raw Quartz

Then in order to process that you need to build more than 130 buildings, specifically:

# of BuildingsProducing
3Aluminum Ingot
8.33Copper Ingot
6Alclad Aluminum Sheet
4.5Heat Sink
2.5Quartz Crystal
10.58Iron Ingot
4Iron Plate
13.17Iron Rod
3Reinforced Iron Plate
2Crystal Oscillator
3.75Circuit Board
1.5Radio Control Unit
1.5Steel Ingot
3Steel Pipe
1Turbo Motor

In order to feed the final Manufacturer at full speed (one Turbo Motor every 32 seconds)      

** Someone please check my math **...

Note: I rounded the numbers off to 2 decimal places, so its theoretically possible to multiply them up to get more precise ratios.

Anyway it takes a huge amount of work to setup each building:

  • Foundations
  • The building itself
  • Setting the recipe
  • Splitters for Input
  • Mergers for output
  • All the belts
  • Power poles / connecting the power

So if you want to get a decent amount of production (say 20 motors per minute) you have to build huge numbers of buildings.

Is there any plans to provide some kind of automated construction or blueprinting/copying of existing structures ?


In answer to several comments:

Using alternate recipes (primarily to avoiding using screws) would probably save approximately 20 buildings - currently ~ 25 building are used purely for screw production, but a few buildings would be needed for the alternates hence my "20" guesstimate.

Although there isn't much use for Turbo Motors in the game at the moment, I was planning ahead - assuming that they will be more heavily used in the later stages of the game, so I wanted to get solid production up an running in advance. 

I strongly disagree with Wullail's point about "doing construction is what the game is about". I know that "Factorio" comparisons are strongly discouraged on this forum, but in this case Satisfactory has "more things to do in game" than factorio does and Factorio added blueprints long ago - short story - mindlessly clicking the same thing over and over really doesn't add much to either game, it's the thinking about what you want to build that's important. Blueprints only eliminate the mindless tedium. 

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From what I've read, the answer is no.

Doing this sort of construction is what the game is actually about, automating the actual construction of the buildings would negate much of the gameplay.

Someone may eventually come out with a mod at some point to do this.
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It also depends which if any alternate recipes you're using. It's recommend avoiding anything that uses screws or cables. You should be able to make turbo motors without any buildings making those. Also many alternative recipes are more efficient ie. the motor recipe that adds 1 Crystal Oscillator to triple the motor output (Though it's done in a manufacturer rather than an assembler)
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There's also nothing in the game to force you to make the "full speed".
You could do one motor every 2 minutes, for example, and you'd need fewer machines/less ore...
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20 Turb Motor per Minute? Wtf. Why should you need this? Setup a plant with 2 Turb Mots per Minute is enough at the moment.

Overall i also want a Blueprint System like in Factorio.
However, we should wait and see, what brings us the endgame content of Satisfactory.

Your Math seems right, from a Short overview. However you should avoid using Standard recipes. Especially for screws. Either try to avoid using screws or use the alternate recipe to produce directly screws without Iron rods.
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Well it's an end-game part, what do you expect? The hole gameplay is build around to get to this point isn't it?

Besides you are not really talking about Turbo Motors, you are complaining that you have so much work copying it by hand to make 20 of them per minute. Leaving aside that this a mega factory level and noone forces you to do so as 1 manufacturer would be enough for the moment this is just a complaint to get blueprints. Which is okay, but why not just add to the existing suggestions on that and properly name your "suggestion".

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Something has to give at some point. Building through all of the iron stuff was fun, but I could already start to see the tedium by the end of it. I finished the steel tier, but opted to set the game down for a while before getting much further.

I really have no interest in rebuilding or scaling up the same bit of construction repeatedly to make more of the same materials I've already made... to make a new part that just requires more of those materials. Satisfactory's part creation is suffering from fractal design, which would be fine if there was some system that could alleviate it.

Blueprints will help. The ability to plop down a 'reinforced plate' factory will substantially reduce tedium.

Better vantage points will help. Building a factory from 1st person (or even an over-the-shoulder 3rd person)... isn't exactly great. And the best alternatives (things like watch towers) are a pain to make use of. Some ability to use construction drones or something similar to swap vantage points and continue to build will be fantastic.

'Ghost' construction system, so we can lay everything out, attach belts, etc... move buildings and have all of their connected belts shift with them, and just see how everything will look and fit together before finalizing a design will also make this way more enjoyable.
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Frankly, it seems that maybe you haven't completely optimized your world.  

You're thinking too small of scale.  

By the time you should be producing Turbo Motors, you should already have entire facilities producing all of the major components that you need en mass, connected to train stations, and feeding into distribution centers that then sort and separate pieces into specific swim lanes of trains that then deliver specific pieces to a manufacturing facility, that then feeds back into the distribution center. 

If you haven't got all of that going... Think BIGGER!.

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There are new production buildings in Tier 8:

  • Constructor Mk.2
  • Assembler Mk.2
  • Manufacturer Mk.2
  • Smelter Mk.2
  • Foundry Mk.2

This will decrease the amount of buildings.
But you have to wait, this isn't released yet.


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You just haven't found the node of turbo motor ore yet.  Just needs to find that. One miner. One smelter and out come the turbo motors.

If the challenge of doing 130 buildings (which is peanuts) is too much and not fun for you... maybe you need to find another game
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If you go to:


and expand the "Total Base Ingredients" link you will see you are not far from this.

At the late game, your objective is basically to feed the manufactures. Last Sunday I spent 4 hours deleting everything in my main plant to rebuild it in a more flexible and efficient way.

I guess you can get less pain if you try to create "modules" i.e. small plants to build steel pipes, motors, etc. It got more easy to connect those modules.

There are the easy way and the more efficient way, for example.

To produce 12 reinforced plates per minute with assembler produce 7.5 plates per minute you can use a booster, that's the easiest way. The most efficient is to build two assemblers and downgrade both so each can produce 6 per minute instead of 7.5 saving lots of electrical power.

I do the later, so the number of machines is not an issue for me. The main challenge is to place them in a manner I can easy reroute production and change recipes for a "module".

I built vertical, for example. At the first floor, I build smelters, at second constructors, etc. This gives me a lot more modularity.

Also, I don't build one alone constructor I build 16 letting space between each two to double that number to 32 (when I can unlock next conveyor).

I don't build an alone assembler, I build a row with four and behind it a row with eight. A so on.

Next phase I'll build other big plants in other biomes and connect them by rails.

Good game for your guys. =)

My modules are limited only by the qt the conveyor belts can transport.
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i really dont understand this question, this is the game and how it works. if you want to make that many motors per min then you need that many buildings. This isnt an issue......
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You know there is a website which will calculate the necessary resources and help you visualize an ideal factory layout for your production goals?


Also don't forget that this is a factory building game, you are supposed to build everything yourself, what you wrote is like complaining that water is wet. I'm 300 hours in on one of my saves and I'm still enjoying every minute. (except for bugs)

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