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Hello. After last update i cant anymore put foundries near each other. Before i was make nice set of foundries that stand each one on one foundation sqaure in contact with neighbours. It looks nice and wery compact. But now i cant place them like this before and they trying to jump on nearby neighbour.

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Yes, the model is slightly bigger. Things like this are very likely to happen, in fact they do advice to build "big" referring not only about the number of machines. Compact facilities are nice but until the game will be finalized everything is kinda in a "temporary" state.

It's up to you to consider "possible changes" and build accordingly (without any insurance)
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The problem here though as that the building is exceeding the bounding box. The box suggests they can be placed immediately next to each other (as they can, as long as they are not exactly in line in the other axis) but they immediately jump out of the way once you aim in the correct place for that.
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In fact, it's seems to be stranger than that - the collision issue only occurs when placing the foundry to the right of the previous one (looking at the inputs). Placing it to the left works fine
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