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I feel that the map should always be there instead of training for it and/or make it a tier 0 thing. It would make it easier to navigate and keep us from getting lost and taking hours (and have the biomass generators run out of fuel) to help us get back to where we want so we can work more efficiently.
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Why so many negative votes? Can someone answer why this would not be a benefit
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Beacons can become your best friend when navigating around the planet.
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Maybe because you are supposed to explore the planet by yourself at least a while and a map from the beginning might make it "smaller" at least in perception.

It would rob the game a part of it's immersion if the player got to see what's over the mountains right from the start. Everyone will get this experience only once playing this game so it's best not to spoil it.

If a map, than with a very limited unlock/view around the player and with a lot of "Fog-of-War" so that player cannot see too far with it and is not spoiled.
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The negative votes are because you are supposed to go without the map for a long time until you figure out how to unlock it so when you do unlock it, you appreciate it a lot more because you had to go without it for so long. It's perfectly fine as is. If you had the map unlocked from day one it would rob players of a lot of the gameplay aspect of the game.

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I kinda of agree, kinda don't. I don't think I'd want to have the full map instantly available to you on game start, or even reasonably close to. What I think most people would be good with is the ability to open the map from game start, and have at least beacons and other compass points show up on it, but still have no terrain detail filled in. Just an empty area.

From there, individual compass points could be turned on/off/pinned. Scan for resources, have them show up on the map, be able to pin one that you're trying to make your way to so that you don't have to regularly hop out of your vehicle.

I'd personally even be good with "Explore the map to fill it in", but I expect a lot of people won't like that.
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Explore Map to fill in. That's the way it has always been, in all games, the more you explore the more opens. Or may be can see a little out line covered in fog so you know how big the map is and as you explore more fog is lifted.
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