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So let's start with saying that i crashed 3 times in a row due to these 2 bugs.

The bugs i encountered are ""classified"" like this, random and "repeatable/triggerable" (i don't know if triggerable is an effective word but english isn't my main language so sorry for any inconvienences/misunderstandings)

 (intended as a bug that can be "turned on" on purpose so it's not random).

now to the "how did you found them" part, the random bug happened while i shot some aliens with the rebar gun so i can't give you a more detailed report to this, the "triggerable"

one instead is activated when you research an hard disk in the M.A.M and you select an alternative recipe

that's all i got folks (don't kill me if i messed up some grammar please crying)


i think you should visualize the name of the beacons you place in the game world (but not in the radar) while at the same time the distance from it

in the vehicles you should get an estimated time for the fuel so that you know approximately when it'll run out

the power poles should have the "ability" to place themselves at the maximum distance by holding down the LMB or RMB

EDIT: as pointed out by a comment 

for the random bug involving the rebar gun basically i shot the rebar, after the shot the game freezes and the alien changes position like it got it but instantly after that freeze the gun enters the reload animation and the game freezes again the crashes

for the reproducibility i can't say how to trigger it but it happened twice for me at the 3 islands on the north near the crash pod and in a cave near the isles

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What happened with the bug? You've got some of the helpful info there, but what are you describing as a bug? Include what you did, what you expected to happen when you did it, and what actually happened - i.e. using the rebar gun on an alien, expected it to hurt the alien, but inexplicable tacos rained from the sky instead? That's probably a bug (maybe not in this game, they did make Goat Simulator lol) and worth reporting.

If you can reproduce it that's also helpful, but every little bit of info counts when it comes to tracking down bugs and squashing them!
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i researched a hard disk and each time a try to choose a recepie my game chrashes

Is that the same bug that you found or is it another one?
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I've seen that one mentioned several times on here and the subreddit, yeah. From what I've seen, if you get somebody else to join your game, THEY can select the reward without crashing it, and give you the MAM device back to use again, but I haven't found the hdd item to analyze myself yet, and I haven't confirmed the workaround
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yes it is the same
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