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Resources in this state does not make sense.. or is it only me?

The map is HUGE, even in alpha. if it stays this way, this big, resources make no sense. you can do everything in just a couple of meters, everything is avalible near you. Too many ore veins are placed, that way exploring is kind of pointless.

My suggestion is that resources (ore veins) are spread out  and not in such numbers. Make pure ore rocks in greater numbers than veins, so that way you get a bit of that resource and you have to explore to get more. That would make more sense.

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Coal is further away and oil is really far away from starting area. Also, later in the game you start needing 1k of stuff that manufacturers produce 2 of per minute, so you are forced to either expand (from far away iron deposits) or wait hours for production to build up... I think that might solve your concerns :)
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i agree, but if there wont be a lengthy "late game", the start is too sped up. :)
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