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Currently if I look at a building material, e.g. Heavy Modular Frames, it shows the production rate as "2 per minute". This is useful information, but it would also be good to be able to see how much of the ingredients it needs per minute as well as what it needs.

I know it needs Modular Frames, Steel Pipe, Encased Industrial Beam, and Screws but I don't know how much of each I need and you then need to build the manufacturing building just to find out, and then try to see past the "No power" sign while trying to work out your numbers (That's a separate issue though).

This would be good so we could work out the production requirements and plan our factory properly for MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY!
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Additionally, to use heavy modular frames as an example again, if you use alternate plans then you need to multiple each one by 2.812 - reaching for a calculator mid-game to get the right number takes you out of the game rather than immersing you into the thought-process.
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"Per minute"  is irrelevant in the basic recipe.
How can the game guess how many of the final product you want "per minute" ?
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If you are looking to plan for maximum efficiency, try the satisfactory calculator, it seems to do a pretty good job. https://satisfactory-calculator.com/en/production-planner
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@Kelsey Thornton the machines at 100% make a certain amount per minute and that's what it should be based on. 1 machine at 100%, just like when you open a machine up to check it tells you there, I'm just saying the information should be accessible without having to build the machine and check - it should all be in the handbook.
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@TreyZ9 The point of posting this was to keep the player inside the game, rather than use many external sources.
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