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After some hours of confusion, I beleive I ran into a property of train stations that has little to no explanation and might be a big cause of the "non-feeding belts" problem.

If a train station and its connected platforms are setup like this: ("T->"=Train Station and direction, "F"=Freight Platform, "===" = Outbound Rail)

T-> F F F ===

Even though the station and freight platforms are valid and powered, once the Outbound rail is connected to the collective stations, the Freight Platforms become invalid and no longer accept any inputs and effectively shutdown.

This may seem like an obvious error,(putting the station before instead of after the platforms) but there is nothing describing how you should arrange the stations to assure they are valid.

I would consider this a bug but maybe it's just intuition. Any thoughts?
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Your station is the wrong way around.
For your setup to work, a freight platform has to effectively be "behind" the station.

This setup will work, for a terminus.
<--T FFF ===

This setup will work, for a through station in (both directions).
=== <--T FFF T--> ===
When using this setup, be careful that you set up the correct station in your timetable,
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Does satisfactory not allow you to make a train pushed by a locomotive rather than pulled by one? This setup is generally valid in most games. It's not necessarily intuitive, as in reality most trains are pulled rather than pushed but locomotives are perfectly capable of pushing train cars rather than pulling them. We literally put locomotives on front so that the engineer can see what's in front of them.
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It's possible that this is allowed, but it's very unconventional so use with caution.
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