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The idea is to add the posibillity to block slots of an storage container. some resources as example the motor or metal frames are not needed in large amount on tier three.

To tell the storage container to allow only n slots to fill would help with this.

Another idea is to allow some kind of "logic" that a machine gets stopped if there is n amount of an item present, this could be used for overflow mechanics as well. As example if there are more than 200 iron plates into the storage container produce Reinforced Iron Plates now.

With this kind of logic it would be possible to hold an amount of n in the box while creating new items with the overflow.
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Logic in general would be nice, though just a simple factorio type chest limiter would be awesome!.
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I use single stack leaves as limiters in containers that don't feed anything else.
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That's a clever idea adding the leaves. I like that! :)

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Or add a limiter, like make this "stuff" while the stock under 100
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Or research then craft then add those limiters to containers etc ^^
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