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If I open a train station, two trains are listed.  One is the current freight train and another is a Ghost.  It has no destination and doesn't appear to exist anywhere on the line.  If I attempt to add a destination, the schedule updates, but the "Next Station" flag is not set and the engine never appears at my location.

My freight train also has "No Next Station", in spite of the fact that I am standing beside it and can see that the tracks are open and clear heading to the one destination in the schedule. I've redone the schedule a couple of times and manually drove it to another station, with no effect.

The key was adding an engine to the back of the train.  That broke my ability to hold the train at my location by removing a track segment. With the engine on the back, it would just run off in the opposite direction.

However, when I removed the engine from the back, scheduling stopped working.  I have since deleted the train, created a new one, and everything is currently working.

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When setting up a train table, it seems you need to do it from inside the train. You can edit the table at any station, but the train wont start going the rute, till you have entered and exited it.
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Thank you -- I probably would have never discovered that...
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