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All available milestones can easily be reached without effort if you leave your game open long enough because they're all based on a fixed cost. I believe endgame milestones based on a production rate maintened long enough would be a more challenging option.

This requires :

1) A space elevator Mk2 able to continuously send items up instead of big manual deliveries.

2) Items you can't store in a large number or over a long period of time. This is necessary for the continuous delivery to make sense and to avoid players storing these items in advance to fake a high production rate later. Example : an intricated quantum core would lose coherence over time or if put in the same storage than another core (it would become useless trash).

To reach the milestone you would have to maintain a real production and delivery rate over one hour. Power shutdown during that hour resets it.
Once the milestone is validated you're free to destroy your factory.

Edit : of course that suggestion is meant to improve Satisfactory as a complete game with rewarding moments, rather than an advanced sandbox where you choose your own challenges as if playing lego.
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Not everyone wants to create a mega-factory where FPS and Items per minute is holy.
The later tier milestones are already stupidly high IMHO.
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I afraid you got that suggestion wrong.

I'm not talking about an insanely high production rate here. The current fixed costs on the elevator are very high as an incentive to boost your production rates and sensibly improve your factory between milestones ; but there are workarounds like letting the computer running overnight or while you're at work/school ; plus you're not realyl affected by a poor power management while doing so.
Having a production rate based milestone LATEGAME would push players to really deal with challenge of building a realiable factory. Having one production chain  (on high-tech machine) turned on without power fail for one hour is not an extremely hard objective ; plus you can rely on storage for feeding that chain during that time if you want to build the minimal amount of automated buildings.

Since you're here, I assume you have many hours on the game and might not see the difficulty of that task. However I expect many new players to have power shortages when putting their first 4in-1 out factory online. Such a milestone is only maint to encourage them to fully use such a machine.
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Your definition of "insanely high" is probably very different from mine :)

Also, in my eyes, *any* power system that works is effective.  Similarly, I don't care if a machine is running at 0.1%, 50%, or 100% efficiency, as long as it's working.

I think we'll just have to agree to disagree here.

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yep I agree with this suggestion, why else would efficiency be a thing in the game?

'Keep Effective!'
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