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So i was building a railway system and i face a potentially big problem.

I will detail the situation so you can understand it better.

I have 7 train station :

1 - OIL





6 - FUEL


In this situation i have different 2 train.

I want my first train to go from the 1st station to the 6th and the second one to go from the 1st station but this time to the 7th wich is my base.

But between station 5 and stations 6 & 7 i have a switch on the railway because they are not at the same direction, but when i try to send a train to my MAIN BASE (7) and an other one to my FUEL (6), the one who have to go to my base is stuck at the railway switch because it's set to go to the FUEL (6).

So is my question : how can i have my train to both go to the right direction ?

Thanks :)
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For right now, the trains "claim" the switches on their route between one stop and the next as the leave the stations. If one train leaves a station and the other is already in route, the new train will claim the switch direction. Reducing the distance between the stations and the switches helps, but will not completely solve the problem; Even if the station serve no other purpose than to control the switches. The shortest section of rail you can lay is about 12m. AFAIK, they only claim the switches they need to divert, but have no effect on switches that merge back.
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I believe that if multiple trains arrive at the same switch together this can also cause problems.
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Thank you for replying now i will try to delay they start to see what happend
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I have no clue I m talking about. But could train switches not be programmed like smart splitters Whereby the track is the belt and the train and carriages are like unique items on that belt.?
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