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english is not my first language so... sorry in advance. 

i'm toying with rails and noticed i can't close a 4x4 (in foundations units) circle, but i can close larger circles like 5x5 and so forth. the circle is made by 4 (90 degree) semi-circles, i can't "merge" the last semi circle with the other 3, the weird thing is i can delete the mid semi-circle in an 3 semi-circles arc, and then place what would then be the fourth, and then the late mid semi-circle (the one who got deleted) would be the one who can't be placed. the game reports a steep curvature, but through various tests i verified the geometry is valid, it would seem to me this is a game bug and as i said before , larger circles don't have the same problem. 


here is a picture of what i'm talking about, in the bottom left the 5x5 circle and inside the 4x4 with the problem i'm talking. on the far right an example of rail roundabout i was working and why i think this problem is worth looking into.

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There is a bug in the desert biom where rails  minimum size is 13 meters instead of 12 meters, maybe it cause this issue there?
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i doubt that. the problem is not the size, if it where the case then i wouldn't be able to build any of the 90 degree semi-circles, the key word here is  "closing" the 4x4 circles, the final semi-circle, that's when the bug happen.

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there is a bunch of bugs that stop it from joining even if it does fit, normaly you would have to make a smaller jump halfway then connect it but I don't think that would work here in such a small circle until patched
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You're not supposed to create "Loops". The train goes to the end then moves the other direction along the track to get back to where it came from. This seems to be by design so far and this does not seem to be a bug at the moment.
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well... if track direction is not important then why make the train station with fixed direction? and why make rail signs in both sides of a rail if the direction of an intersection is irrelevant?  it seems to me like there's a concept of a more complex rail customization in development, if not then i see some incoherencies with what was done so far. Also, the bug i reported was not about being able to build circles... cause they can be made already, as long as they are bigger than 4x4 (foundation units). the bug is a very specific geometry limitation the game is imposing to what should be an acceptable design, taking in consideration the construction mechanics the game already possess
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Most of the entire train system is completely broken at the moment. 75% of the complaints in the Q&A website every day are all train-related right now. I have a feeling that most of the train system isn't even implemented yet. This entire game is still early access remember. Personally I wouldn't even touch trains. Even if you do get trains half way working right (And by some miracle it doesn't corrupt/break your playthrough/save in the process) it kills everyone's FPS performance down to < 30 FPS (no matter how fast your computer is) when you set up time tables for trains right now. In general I would suggest ignoring trains completely until they fix the problems with it.
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