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Would be nice to have some kind of Wind, Solar Hydro energy ... (i`d love to build a dam)....

The solar could be down during the night and have some batteries to store what you overproduce during the day :)

Wind would be more efficient if placed on higher ground.

Hydro would be the best but you have to be careful not to flood your base :P
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The only one at the moment is geothermal.
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Batteries pollute so solar would be useless.
Dam's would be really nice though. Plenty of waterfalls everywhere.

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Devs stated it there won't be any polution effects, so there is no need for any more inefficient power generators.
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Nuclear waste is pollution.
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There are Geysers and Geothermal plants in the game, but they only produce 200MW per geyser/plant and with only 17 geysers in the game that means that even if you were to build on all of them you would still be better off with two Nuclear plants.

The short version is if a Geyser happens to be next to your construction (base/mine) you may as well use it.

But power in the game is just an evolution.

  • As soon as you can get Coal power online.
  • Then upgrade to Fuel plants when possible.
  • Finally once you unlock nuclear you will probably just want to build them since they provide so much more power than anything else (it's just not worth messing with anything else).

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