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Hello, Here are some suggestions I feel will make the building better in satisfactory.

1. Draggable walls and foundations. Currently, you have to place walls and foundations Individually. This can become tedious and Unfun especially when building big factories especially when the scale is much larger than Other Comparable Games with building.

Having the ability to click at the start and drag foundations/walls out to a set length to place multiple in one action would be awesome. Maybe a possible Mk2 feature for building items.

2. Train track Pillars. Pillars that can be scaled in height like conveyor supports that allow attachment of train tracks that can be rotated in increments.

3. Triangle foundations =D Because building boxes is boring lol

4. Arches/Tunnel blocks. 3 sizes of arches 1x1 2x1 2x2. Tunnel W/H/D 2x2x1 4x2x1  Because Tunnels for trains would be awesome coming out of the factories or for creating pass-throughs for vehicles. Square holes in foundations are boring lol    

5. Please alter the inputs and outputs on train platforms they currently don't align up with conveyor walls

6. Offset Single Conveyor walls

7. Sloped walls

8. Inverted ramps to make the underside of ramps smooth
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I would also add some circular/radial wall and foundations (instead of the overlapping z-fight workaround being used so far)

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Pretty much everything you've asked for has been already asked (even multiple times in multiple form). I suggest you to surf a little the site looking for existing threads: upvoting is the best way to draw attention to one specific topic (btw, suggest just one thing at a time, it is more efficient, and devs will indeed appreciate).

That being said, I second your thoughts. Cheers.

Just a few references :








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