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Not sure where wiki got an overview on Tier 8, but it contains things like Hadron Collider and Dark Matter. And this is almost an edge of current technological science.

Ie if this will be the next step in Satisfactory science, where will we move further?

We have so much more technology available before going that far. As an example for potential future technologies before we get to dark matter:

1) Carbon/composite - light durable and chemical-resistant, made from coal+plastic?

2) Noble gases - chemical-neutral environment to do unstable chemistry/manufactoring

3) Oxygene - may be used for rebreathers in VERY-toxic areas (or above atmosphere/under water), can be used to oxidize stuff, may be related to biological production

4) Water filtering->Deuterium->Thermonuclear (with helium from noble gases)

5) Vacuum - for logical elements? (ie diods/triods to add some punk)

6) Nanorobots/grey goo - ultra-precise machineering

7) Exotic materials - (strange matter, Higgs bozone etc) - for gravity stuff

8) Quarks - new energy source, matter recombination to create one thing from another etc

-) Somewhere here we may get to dark matter (but what for?) and even dark energy

And I can keep writing it, but there is not so much stuff known (or at least predicted) after dark matter, so please hold it :) I don't want to end on Tier 8, we need dozens of tiers and years of gameplay
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yeah would love for there to be more. jumping straight to dark matter makes me wonder..then, what would be next. like you said. I dont want this game to end  =)

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Just so you know: The official wiki is maintained by the developers themselves. The information on Tier 8 was supplied by the developers.
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