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So for the past couple of weeks every time I open Epic Games Launcher the game is updating and I open it every 3-4 day (I'd guess) and the update can be small or big and uses 20 gbs then gives it back after the update, I dont know if this is meant to happen cause its pretty weird and cant find anything on it
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Do you have enough room on the hard drive to store the update?

It may be temporarily storing it then removing it once you are done with the program.
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I have enough space for it and can play the game afterwards with my friend.

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Hard drives are incredibly cheap today, you can get 1TB mechanical drives for $30 (or less) new today. There's no reason to not have more than 20GB free. Just make sure you have tons of free space and the game should be fine. Most people have 100-200GB (or more) free on most of their drives at any given time. You're probably running out of space for the update.
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I have enough GBs, thats another reason why its weird. thx for the answer tho.
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