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I think you should be able to pair a truck with a station so if it passes through any other truck stations zone those stations won't react to it. Once in a while trucks go nuts and go off their path or collide with each other (despite running perfectly for days) and then i find plastic in my rubber station or coal in my silica station. If a truck was paired to only the station it was intended to use then this issue goes away.
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Same request, different reason:
If I drive past the truck station in my own truck en route to a build project all coal power and steel production stops. Construction materials are fed from my truck into the power stations and assemblers.
All short input conveyers must be deleted and remade because the last items on the belt into each building cannot be picked up by hand.
It's incredibly frustrating to spend 15+mins rebuilding your power & steel structure if you forget this 'feature'.

I'm building conveyors instead of truck stations until this is resolved.
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