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Sine the new update CL#102839, i have problems with my Powergrid. It Displays me that I am using over 10.000MW from my 2800MW.

I had that same problem with the Experimental Build of the game. I could only play it on EA because here was my powergrid not broken.

And now, here is it broken too....


Edit 1: Every storage is full, every machine is on Idle.

I have also tried to cut off some factorys, testet my Power grid only with the Generators. It also says that my Power usage is over 10.000MW.

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As the other user said the update caused all of our factories to momentarily ramp up to full production due to how they changed the way the game works. You need to design your factory to be able to handle all of your machines in all locations to be powered up at the same time. So that is your problem and you need to expand your power production a lot and build your factory to be able to handle in excess of all possible machines all being powered up at the same time in case things like this happen in the future. You should be on nuclear power by now it sounds like. I have 6 nuclear power plants all overclocked and my system can handle up to 38,000 MW of power.
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Nuclear power is just far too "dirty" at the moment - Coal power is the way to go!
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There's nothing wrong with nuclear at all. I've easily built enough containers to have 1+ years real life time worth of gameplay before it becomes full with nuclear waste in my play through. Only took me a day to place all the boxes and chain em together. It's the most efficient method of power generation in the game at the moment.
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