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Latest updates on exp said you fixed issues with trees. I still get some of them on the latest build :

- the explorer vehicle being unable to run over some hand-removable leaves (north from the 3rd departure area)

- way too big collision boxes on bended trees. I visually have absolutely nothing in front of me yet me and aliens can't pass through. (A bit everywhere in the south-east) The same thing happens with the top of giant trees in the east, but since you don't run there very often it's much less of a problem.

- some invisible trees remaining. Extremely annoying since you can get stuck in them if you try to jump over the invisible wall. You can see the white outline by using the chainsaw. (Red forest)
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Hi, thanks for the report, some complementary screenshots of the trees in question would be the great. I will forward this to our graphics people and let them look into it
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Red Forest has loads of invisible trees, pretty much any where there is poison which makes trying to back up is a real pain.
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I had recorded these problems. I went to check the video and the build number was 102805.
Kinda weird. Since I read patchnotes in game menu for build 102839 before playing I assumed I was on the latest build. I wasn't. Anyways you can ignore this thread : problem solved. I no longer have the hitboxes problems in 102839 and didn't stumble upon any invisible trees in 3 days.
I didn't check if the explorer is still being stuck on small leaves but I'm gonna try that this evening.
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Also willow looking trees reappear after being cut down or blown up. Since these have a collision box it makes clearing vehicle pathways awkward in certain places.
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