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EDIT: As per "MrBalll"s suggestion, this would work even better without requiring poles. Edited the post slightly to reflect this (in case people don't read all the way down)

Sometimes, belt clipping can be plausible/non-immersion breaking, I think. One example is something I just discovered: horizontal belt escalators https://imgur.com/a/biqLh0G

Please don't remove the ability to create these from the game, I really like them Please allow doing this without requiring to clip conveyor poles into the foundation, so allow conveyors to be placed directly on/"in" foundations.

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That's really cool. Nice way to get around a large factory with little intrusion.

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I feel like the better solution here might be to allow belts to be placed directly on foundations, rather than requiring poles. I understand why poles are needed to place them on terrain, but this is a really good case for not needing them. This should also allow vehicles to make through the factory, which is a cool bonus.
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Oooh I very much agree with this, hadn't even realized it. I'll see if I can edit my suggestion to show this in the title :D
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