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I may have missed something as I'm colour blind but there seems to be no external indicator of machines that have been overclocked.  Main reason for this is as I progress I keep losing were I assigned my shards.  It's not a biggy at all but would be handy.

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The indicator light on machines goes white if the clock speed is modified
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Ahh so it does, I can just about see the shade difference. Thanks for that.

Just noticed though that stalled machines don't flash white - but thats no biggy.  Not sure what colour they flash (Yellowish?) but maybe they could flash yellow / white so you dont have to wait for them to start to see the white beacons.
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Yellow is for idle machine, Green for running machine, Red for panic time
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In the future a mod could add some alternative style thingy to address color blindness
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Note : To be precise, the light pole flashes white if you put a power shard into it, regardless if you overclock, underclock or leave it as it is. Still, it idles with yellow when the internal buffer is filled or the machine is manually turned off, while it goes flashing red if the power supply is missing/disconnected or shorted.
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