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After recent update a lot of big trees/palms with blue leaves showed up in the rocky desert. I once cut them and now they're back. Trees go through fundaments and buildings, cannot be cut down or blast with nobelisk

experimental: 103023
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Yeah, the same for me unfortunately :(
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And also the same for me. Besides, I have created a vehicle, left it, came back and it had disappeared. I am playing experimental v. build 103023
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Same for me in the coal pit at the east edge of the desert. One %$(*#&*@ tree beside the copper node.
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Same with willow like trees in many places on the northern forest map. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/553550313533997057/609818134836150282/unknown.png
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Same problem. Loaded up experimental, and now a whole bunch of trees have spawned back in my base. I believe they were previously removed by the chainsaw area of effect, and (I would have to check every tree) I do have foundations all the way to the ground.

The most prominent are obviously those palm trees.
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